History and where we’re heading under TJ’s leadership:



As Mayor of the 12th largest city in North Texas, I’ve spent the last three years navigating our way out of COVID-19 and through the inflationary pressures of Lewisville’s economy. We’ve lowered the tax rate, added jobs and development, and navigated the staffing issues that have impacted all cities across the country as our work patterns have changed.

Transparency and communication have been hallmarks of my public service. I started live-blogging council meetings in 2004 and began doing video summaries in 2018. My ‘Compact Council’ Facebook Live video reviews included answering questions from residents during these 30-minute summaries of important Lewisville governmental news. I continue to be accessible and involved in the community. It was once said, “You can pretend to care, but you can’t pretend to show up.” 

As Mayor, I have been in the public to listen to their goals and needs and used that to build a stronger community. My list of achievements is long, and includes:

I’ve been one of the leading voices, because municipal leadership takes a team, in the creation of the 2025 plan.

I was one of the founding voices of the library maker space (The Hive).

One of the founding voices for the complete redesign of DCTA and its continued vision to make the rail relevant. 

Made it easier for developers to build while adding options for homeowners to build in-law cottages for family or extra income and to provide more affordable housing for seniors and young adults. We achieved this through a streamlining of the city’s development code and a reduction of unnecessary parking requirements.

Was a leading voice in the creation of Serve Lewisville- a one stop shop for our residents who need access to social service agencies without having to leave Lewisville.

Increased our investment in our Police, Fire, and general staff to ensure we have high quality services and filled positions that have been difficult to find applicants for post-Covid.

Worked with our state representatives to strengthen our ability to shut down massage parlors involved in sex trafficking.

Worked with our state legislators to create a new Texas State Technical College campus in Denton County to provide more skilled trade opportunities for our residents and businesses.

All while continuing to be one of the lowest tax rates in the metroplex and we are again ranked as the best value among Carrollton’s peer cities in terms of all costs of government on a per capita basis- meaning, all in, residents pay less for all services than the 15+ cities that Carrollton benchmarks itself against.

What’s Next?

But what about the next three years? What is needed to continue our momentum?

Residents have spoken, they need better amenities in the city, they need better jobs to keep up with the cost of living, affordable childcare, lower crime, and better transportation options.

In my next term we will address these issues head on:

 On city services and safety

We are continuing to increase our investment in our Police and Fire Departments. Our Public Safety Facility will be complete in 2025 and will provide our first responders with the key facilities they need to be more efficient and effective at their jobs while also attracting new talent as we are known as a city that invests in their employees. 

We also are in discussions with DCTA to create a new Transit Oriented Development near Old Town, Rebuild our Lake Park, Re-imagine the Mall, and continue to add to our parks to achieve our 10 minute walk to a park initiative for all residents of the city.

On transportation

I am part of the Metroplex Transit 2.0 study that begins in 2024.- as the DCTA Chair, it will be my job to develop the vision with the board of how we intend to maximize our transit options with the other regions.

On childcare

I am currently a Chief Elected Official with Workforce Solutions of North Texas- my goal is solving our childcare desert issue with regional funds that are already allocated but not making it to Lewisville. I’m currently in discussions to see if there’s a place to work with LISD on pre-k and these funds. The goal is to eliminate childcare deserts for families in Lewisville. 

On new skills for the workforce

I have been one of the leading advocates for Texas State Technical College to be able to develop an advanced trade campus in Lewisville. We are currently in discussions to raise the funds that are needed to get this unique skills based education program up and running.

These plans will create strong families and a workforce that will continue to attract businesses and development that we can all be proud of and grow with.  

Lewisville was the 10th fastest growing city in the US in 2022- this type of growth requires a steady and thoughtful council and staff to ensure that change is managed. We’re roughly the 28th largest city in Texas and the 12th largest in the Metroplex. The mayor’s voice is one of influence, not one of authority. 

My goal is to continue to build on the relationships and partnerships that have been fostered in my time on the Council and as Mayor to create more opportunities for our families and businesses so we can continue to thrive.