Welcome to the Campaign to Re-Elect TJ Gilmore as Mayor of Lewisville on May the 4th! Early Voting April 22-29. votedenton.gov for specifics


Welcome! While we’re active on Facebook (www.facebook.com/TJforMayor), this page lets you donate or contact TJ directly.

Since 2004, TJ has championed transparency and resident engagement by live-blogging council meetings, and being the first Mayor to hold regular office hours in City Hall. His focus remains on a clear vision: strong property values, quality amenities, and responsive public safety, all while maintaining one of the lowest tax rates in North Texas.

TJ prioritizes collaboration and building relationships with local, regional, county, and state officials to secure Lewisville’s fair share of resources and amplify innovative ideas.

TJ’s leadership has driven numerous achievements:

    • Enhanced transparency: Our city dashboard provides residents with easy access to information.
    • Reduced taxes: Lowering the burden on families and businesses.
    • Combating sex trafficking: Championed new state laws empowering police.
    • Lewisville 2025: A clear vision for the city’s future.
    • Boosted transit use: Quadrupling ridership through innovation.
    • New technical college: Attracting talent and opportunity.
    • Improved childcare: working with our ISD and the North Texas Workforce Solutions to simplify and fund these facilities with federal and state grants.
    • Sustainable practices: Restoring native habitats for lower long term costs and better quality of public space.

And more!

His core goal: Strengthen neighborhoods, organizations, and businesses through dialogue and partnerships.

He believes the strongest communities arise when government, businesses, schools, non-profits, and faith communities work together to make Lewisville a thriving home for all.

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