Join the list of Lewisville residents and others supporting the campaign:

 ….Lewisville Mayor TJ Gilmore champions his city with infectious enthusiasm and data-driven decisions. Voters should return him to office in May.
Gilmore, 51, has a track record of accomplishments in housing, parks, law enforcement, transit, education and economic development.
As mayor, and as a City Council member before that, Gilmore has helped lead the city through significant changes to its housing stock, including the annexation of Castle Hills, the creation of a large affordable housing project, and the embrace of accessory dwelling units and “missing middle” options. All this without the vitriolic blowback we’ve seen in other cities.
Lewisville has embraced the effort to make sure every resident lives within a 10-minute walk to a park. The city also ranks in the top one-third among North Texas cities for police pay, Gilmore told us. It has invested $120 million in a new public services building and has stepped up efforts to combat human trafficking in massage parlors.
Gilmore, who serves as chairman of the board of the Denton County Transportation Authority, said he’s proud of the city’s decision to scrap its meager bus service in favor of a similarly priced rideshare option that has quadrupled ridership.
Gilmore helped steer the effort to bring a Texas State Technical College campus to Denton County to improve upskilling and employment opportunities for residents.
“If I have a workforce that has access to child care and skills training and transportation, then economic development will come to me,” he said. That strikes us as a smart approach.
Gilmore faces three opponents…

Retired Police Chief Kevin Deaver (LPD Chief 2016-2024)

 I wholeheartedly endorse TJ Gilmore for Mayor of the city of Lewisville. I have had the privilege of working alongside Mayor Gilmore and can attest to his exceptional leadership qualities and unwavering dedication to our community.

Throughout his tenure, Mayor Gilmore has consistently demonstrated a visionary approach to leadership. Rather than micromanaging, he collaborates effectively with city staff to enact the vision established by elected officials. His respect for the role of mayor is evident in his commitment to supporting and empowering city employees, recognizing their expertise and dedication to fulfilling the city’s mission.

Mayor Gilmore’s extensive experience and leadership on various boards and committees have provided him with invaluable insight into the complex issues facing our city. I have personally witnessed his impressive and inspiring leadership on one such committee, and I am confident in his ability to lead Lewisville forward.

As a former police chief, I am particularly impressed by Mayor Gilmore’s unwavering commitment to public safety. He prioritizes the concerns of residents and works tirelessly with experts in the field to ensure that our police and other departments have the resources they need to fulfill their missions. However, Mayor Gilmore also understands the importance of addressing other critical areas of concern within our city.

Mayor Gilmore’s vision for Lewisville is one of progress, community, and fiscal responsibility. His dedication to guiding our city towards its centennial birthday is commendable, and I believe he is the most qualified candidate to represent Lewisville on the ballot.

I urge all residents to join me in supporting TJ Gilmore for Mayor so that we can continue to move forward with confidence under his exemplary leadership.

Former Mayor Dean Ueckert

Please join me in helping re-elect TJ Gilmore for Mayor of Lewisville.

While serving as Mayor and on the City Council, Mayor Gilmore has proven his leadership, experience and commitment . His passion to serve our community and make certain all citizen concerns are addressed will continue to help provide a thriving future for our city.

I’m proud to endorse TJ Gilmore for re-election to Mayor of Lewisville.


Councilmember Kristin Green

 Once again, I’m pleased to endorse TJ Gilmore for Mayor of Lewisville. 

TJ understands the importance of open communication and collaboration between residents, local government, and the local businesses to build a strong and cohesive community. Further, he understands that policy decisions affecting Lewisville are not always made at the local level. 

TJ has spent years building relationships at the regional, county and state levels and is a strong advocate for our community.  As the current DCTA Chairman of the Board, he has led policy decisions that have provided access to public transportation across the entire City of Lewisville. He is a true servant leader and has done an excellent job leading the Council and making himself accessible to all citizens. 

Please join me and vote to re-elect TJ Gilmore for Mayor of Lewisville!

Kelly Blackall – Resident and Business Owner

TJ is a passionate advocate for our Lewisville community. He shows up, and is making a difference in our city. He loves Lewisville and it shows; he supports local small businesses, and consistently makes himself available to listen and engage with residents. With a genuine care for our future, he is the leader we need to build a stronger community.

Vote TJ Gilmore for a mayor who truly understands and champions our collective aspirations!

Ainsley Stelling Woods – Resident

I have met several government representatives, on all levels, and most of them are REAL politicians. I expected the same when I met TJ Gilmore, but was pleasantly surprised to encounter a humble, compassionate and empathetic man that is just trying to serve Lewisville to the best of his ability.

His love of this city is evident in his leadership of Council meetings and interactions with residents. Truly refreshing!

Bob Troyer – Lewisville Councilmember

I definitely endorse TJ for re-election.

Suchi Naidu – Lewisville Resident

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mr.Gilmore for three years; the beginning of my freshman year of high school to now as a senior.

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to reach out to Mr.Gilmore as someone who did not previously know him. He educated me on the low voter participation here in Lewisville, which allowed me to understand the importance of voting and having a mayor that is approachable and committed to gaining feedback from residents. He continues to support the Lewisville Youth Action Council since its inception in 2017 and is active at the Lewisville Chamber of Commerce, city events, and shows out for initiatives. For instance, he has supported my robotics team’s STEM booth at ColorPalooza and Western Days for the past three years.

Although I can’t vote quite yet, I envision Mr.Gilmore as the type of mayor our city needs.

Kathi Stock – Lewisville Resident

Having known TJ since 2013, when he served as a city councilman, and having actively supported his previous campaign, I can attest to his unwavering commitment to the well-being of our city and its residents.

TJ’s passion for Lewisville is unmistakable, and his tireless involvement in various community activities demonstrates his genuine love for the city. Over the years, I have found TJ to be consistently accessible and always willing to listen to the concerns of the citizens he serves.

One of the qualities I admire most about TJ is his sincere commitment to addressing the needs of the community. Every time I’ve approached him with a concern or request, I’ve felt heard and respected.

TJ Gilmore’s leadership style is characterized by transparency, accountability, and a genuine desire to make positive changes for Lewisville. His track record as a councilman and his previous term as mayor speak volumes about his ability to bring about positive change.

I wholeheartedly endorse TJ Gilmore for Mayor and believe that his continued leadership will lead to a thriving and vibrant future for Lewisville.

Ron Wozney – Lewisville Resident

Mayor Gilmore is aligned with my values as a Lewisville citizen, and works hard to improve our community. He is extremely involved in events and activities in the area, and truly has his finger on the pulse of our community.

Joshua Chanin – Lewisville Resident

Mayor Gilmore has tirelessly served Lewisville and made this city a family-friendly, business-friendly community (including his work with the parks dept. and growing Old Town Lewisville). His leadership has inspired me to get involved in the community (I’m currently in the Citizen’s University program), plus potentially run for city council one day!

Mayor Gilmore has my endorsement and vote!

Gordon Settle – Lewisville Resident

I have known TJ for over 20 years. We did business together through several ventures before he got to be Mayor. During that time he was always responsive and answered questions honestly. He does the same for being Mayor of Lewisville. He is making Lewisville a better place to live.

Heidi Barr – Lewisville Resident

He truly cares about the future of this city and the people who reside here.

Jen Marvel – Lewisville Resident

Mayor Gilmore exemplifies the best of Lewisville. He is a strong advocate for our community and all of its residents. I suspect he may have cloned himself at some point, because he is at every event, representing our city, and encouraging others to participate and serve as well! 

Jeanie Luttrell – Lewisville Resident

He has done great things for Lewisville and he’s a really great guy!

Debbie Goforth – Lewisville Resident

TJ is a man that simply wants the best for his community and its future. He is not a politician, and he allows each city department to do its job without his interference. Lewisville has become a fast-growing city who hasn’t forgotten Old Town and is focusing on redevelopment as much as New development. I have confidence that TJ Gilmore is the leader we need to continue our growth.

Tracey Reinhart – Lewisville Resident

TJ has a proven track record and vision for Lewisville. His years of service, including serving on Council, have helped the city grow and improve!

Terry Sullivan – Business Owner

Quote me on this- TJ Gilmore fills in all the blanks, for me. Honest, dedicated, intelligent progressive but patient, fair, direct, proven leadership, and works tirelessly to make our city better.

TJ is the only choice, for me, to lead our city.