Ms. Virginia Marshall – “As a 45+ year resident of Lewisville, and long time observer of those truly committed to serving our city, I’m once again totally on board with TJ Gilmore.”

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Settle – “I have know TJ for many years. He has always had the interests of Lewisville residents in his heart. TJ has worked tirelessly for our interests.”

Mr Jeremy Stephens – “TJ is a concerned parent who cares about the community his kids and their classmates grow up in. That’s why he also volunteers his time for kids across the city. Proud to have worked with him.”

Ms. Gail Robison – “TJ Gilmore has demonstrated his desire to keep Lewisville growing and strong. He is always observing what is being done and taking steps to ensure the citizens have an opportunity to participate in choices that affect their work, school and personal lives.”

Ron and Beverly Ford – Residents, Lewisville Fire Department Volunteers

Nicole Leibee – Resident

Jim & Karen Locke- Resident, Planning and Zoning Committee, 2025 Committee

Cam and Tracy Reinhart – Residents

Matt and Audra Smolinski – Residents, Audra serves on the Zoning Board of Adjustments

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