RUIN TJ’s Favorite Things Month is HERE!

We are raising funds for the Lewisville High School Marching Band and Orchestra (2/3 and 1/3 of funds raised respectively). This page will NOT accept campaign donations. All funds raised until October 15th will be applied to the insanity outlined below:

$1000.00 Raised: TJ will eat every meal for a week with a liberal dusting of Pumpkin Spice. These meal-wrecks will all be Facebook-Live for your viewing enjoyment. TJ will make sure to have many of his favorite meals from local restaurants ruined by this.

$2000.00 Raised: In addition to the abuse from Pumpkin Spice, TJ loves Peeps. However, he will ruin a week’s worth of meals by adding Peeps (various flavors) to them. Facebook-Live will again be used.

$3000.00 Raised: In addition to the first two abuses, TJ will wear a Bromper made specifically from Star Trek patterned fabric to a council meeting and then out to a local restaurant after said meeting. This will be ruining Star Trek, and city council- both things TJ loves.

Beyond $3000.00: Who Knows?!

I’m happy to collect a check at your convenience as more of your dollars will go to the fundraiser.

If you’d prefer to donate electronically, Please use this form. Thank you for your support.